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Dubai, U.A.E. P.O. BOX 112428


  • We attend to all reactive maintenance calls and rectify any faults for all electrical works which include but are not limited to electrical failures, breakers, MCBs up to various distribution boards.
  • Rectify the faults in electrical circuit breakers up to various distribution boards.
  • Inspect exhaust fans for offices and common W.C.
  • Inspecting the roof exhaust fan – repairing and replacing will be at an extra cost.
  • Replacing damaged electrical bulbs.
  • Rectify faults in MCB up to various distribution boards.
  • We plan and schedule preventive maintenance for all electrical equipment like MDB, SMDB & DB’s.
  • Check all electrical connections, trim carbonized ends, tighten and replace old wires.
  • Check any discoloration in the conductors that may indicate a loose wire or a dangerous over current condition.
  • Check all breakers for worn points to replace if necessary.
  • Evaluate safety tripping and to recommend upgrading.
  • Evaluate ventilation inside DB.
  • Lubricate all mechanical parts.