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Air Conditioning

  • Reactive repairs and gas recharging
  • Servicing of outdoor and indoor units.
    • Check bearing/bush of condenser fan motor and check for any vibration.
    • Inspect fan blade of condenser fan motor.
    • Service blocked filter drier.
    • Check the VFD panels programming.
    • Check the pipe insulation.
    • Check all electrical connections and replace overheated wires and terminal clips.
    • Clean control panels from dust.
    • Check compressor contactors and condenser motor contactors.
    • Check operation of time delay and overload.
    • Check the main isolator for any overheated wire and connection.
    • Check the indoor motor and blower.
    • Service the air filter and replace it if damaged.
    • Flush drain lines and clean the drain tray.
    • Check the drain tray for any water leakage.
    • Check the indoor unit for any vibration.
    • Check grill temperature and room temperatures